08 Nov, 2018

#DigitalDiwali: Bring together traditions and technology for a celebration!

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Digital Diwali

Gifts, fire-crackers, sweets and house visits – We all have been through the traditional Diwali!

With the dynamic growth that India has gone through with the biggest digital revolution – this year it’s all about #DigitalDiwali

Believe it or not, the greetings are now WhatsApp messages, House Visits are video calls, fire-crackers are banned and gifts have been replaced by e-vouchers. Technology has definitely changed the way we celebrate Diwali – the biggest change is your way this season.

Take a look at the exciting ways to ignore the ignition and illuminate Diwali! (Digital that is!)

Special Diwali Greetings

Diwali greetings pour in before even the celebration begins. Traditionally it involved sending letters, postcards, mementos – which haven’t just turned boring but impractical too. Today greetings are sent through messages, emails, e-cards and personalized stories on social media. This Diwali get creative and send a personalized video story to your loved ones to send them happy vibes!

Lit up a Digital Diya

Festival of Lights – Diwali definitely is one! When the entire country is lit up with Diyas is it OK to leave your gadgets alone? iOS and Android bring a unique way to lit up a Diya on your phone and laptop through its app. It lights up a virtual Diya on the screen where you can change the color of Diya, background and play songs with it. What’s more exciting? Just blow on the screen to extinguish the Diya! Now that’s called going digital!


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House visits simplified!

No one misses the chance to go back home for Diwali. But if you are missing out on your sibling studying abroad or the parents traveling somewhere – there is no reason to be sad. Bring them close by skype sessions, Instagram & Facebook stories etc to pray, talk and celebrate together. You can also connect with all your followers on social media through LIVE story sessions to give everyone a glimpse of your Diwali.

Why sweat in the kitchen?

For the foodies too it’s a Digital Diwali. No, you don’t have to sweat all day in the kitchen to prepare for a feast like yesteryears. Tired of the sweets and want some Thai curry to hog on? Just order your food online and get them all ready before dinner! Apps today recommend best places for Indian or international food by letting you even book tables for the family across the country. And if you are short on some sweets you can order them in too!

Gifts for everyone!

Corporates have gone truly digitalized by providing e-vouchers to the employees for their Diwali gifts. Taking out time from your busy schedule and buying gifts individually might not seem practical. Digital Media has brought ease by letting us get some e-vouchers from premier shopping websites online, Diwali discounts, and special customized packages for Diwali gifts to treat the loved ones. It’s an ideal idea for last-minute gifts too.


Digital Diwali


Digital firecrackers, will you?

Most of the cities have banned the sale of fireworks due to the toxicity of air quality caused by its ignition. For the safer environment and safeguard the health of people and animals, here is another way to go noise-free and smoke-free this Diwali. Give up fire-crackers and use apps which allow watching fireworks on your screen. From colorful wallpapers, animated fireworks etc to enlightening the house with designer lamps etc – there are ample ways to enjoy the burst of colors.


While the older ways still excite – the Digital Diwali is a breath of fresh air with its own magnetism.  What’s your #DigitalDiwali idea?


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