02 Apr, 2019

Online Reputation Management in 2019

online reputation Management in 2019
02 Apr, 2019

Online Reputation Management in 2019


Let me ask you a couple of questions: Have you ever Googled your company? Have you ever put the name of your company in the Facebook search field and see the results that come up? Do you know what people are saying about your brand?

And if your answers to the above questions are: Check; Check; And Check, then answer this: Are you happy with what you found and read? Do you think it was a reflection of your company’s values, quality, and service? Do you think you are represented fairly online?

There may be a negative review somewhere, there may be wrong information someplace else, there may, someone may have spread some rumor about your services, or you may simply feel that my brand really needs to come out more effectively among potential and current customers. That’s where Online Reputation Management (ORM) steps in.

ORM is nothing but taking control of how your brand is being talked about online. Executing ORM strategies ensures that when someone searches for your brand online, they find the right information. It basically counters every misleading piece of news or content about your brand and keeps the brand’s reputation in check.

At All Stars Digital, we receive queries from a lot of clients who are looking to create a sound online reputation management system in place. Based on our conversations and projects with these clients, we narrowed down to 3 reasons on why brands come to us for ORM:


To Build Their Brand’s Credibility

The internet is now the go-to place for any customer who wishes to say good or bad things about your company. While a good word may do wonders to influence potential customers, a negative one will be a serious injury to your brand’s reputation. We’re all aware that a bad review spreads much faster than a good one. Hence, to avoid widespread of such comments that may hurt the brand, it makes sense to have an ORM Strategy in place. What this kind of strategy will do is address such issues promptly, thereby possibly turning a negative review/comment or post into a positive or a neutral one.


pastedGraphic_2.pngTo Increase the Sales of their Products

More than 80% of internet users now search for products and services online to decide where to buy them from. And in order for them to zero down on your product or service, you must know what would be the best way to engage with them. An ORM strategy can help you figure out the best direct and indirect ways of communicating with your audience in order to drive sales. This would include conversing on social media, understanding past behavior and drawing insights to improve. An ORM makes sure that the correct message is getting delivered to a potential customer to maximize the potential of a sale.


Online Reputation Management in 2019


pastedGraphic_3.pngFor Recruitment: To convince quality talent to come work for their company

The first thing that a potentially qualified candidate will do before coming to interview for a position in your firm, is Google your company. And you know how that is going to end if he finds out some not so good things, rumors or negative reviews about your company.

You want to make sure you have kept your best foot forward online, to attract top-notch talent to come and work for your company. Good reviews about your work culture, ethics and professionalism can do wonders in terms of getting the right talent on board. A good team plays an important role in determining the growth and success rate of your company, and building a good team comes with building a good online reputation!

If you too think that your company needs the boost that comes with ORM, then it’s time to take some action. Get out there and find out how you can leverage the power of online reputation management, what tools can you use, what strategies can you implement and what your competitors are doing. And as always, you have us and our experts at All Stars Digital, if you need help.


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