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E-Commerce Marketing

Online Shopping is a growing trend in India, and the number of people shopping online is massively growing by the day. In such a scenario the question to be asked is how is your brand reaching out to all those potential customers?

An average online shopper spends around 3-5 hours in a week scrolling through online catalogues and you want to make sure that you are one amongst those. Hence, E-Commerce marketing has become the need of the hours. By means of E-Commerce marketing, you can leverage multiple channels in order to sell in more than one place, consequently expanding your pool of paid customers and ultimately your revenue.

What we will do

Having dealt with multiple E-Commerce brands, All Stars Digital possesses the necessary knowledge, tools, and tactics to make your E-Commerce website stand out. All Stars Digital provides marketing on major E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This is primarily for E-commerce startups, who want to affiliate with bigger platforms. All Stars also provides a higher ranking on E-commerce search results using organic and inorganic methods

Talking more specifically, we employ the following means of E-commerce Marketing:

Leveraging Customer Attention. Promoting new products and upselling via promotional e-mails and messages to the right target audience.

Driving Website Traffic. Increasing traffic to your website. More the visitors, more the possibility of conversions and purchases.

Affiliate Marketing: It’s always best to concentrate your marketing efforts on places where your customers already are. We collaborate with E-Commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart to scale your visibility and customer outreach.

Conversion Tracking. Numbers don’t lie, and hence at All Stars Digital, we perform a thorough conversion tracking of every challenge employed in the E-Commerce Marketing process. This gives a clear picture of improvisation possibility and helps you optimize your plan and budget to achieve maximum ROI.

Hence, if you are an E-commerce brand, no matter how big or small, at All Stars, One of the best E-Commerce Marketing Company in Mumbai we are equipped to take it to the next level and help you achieve the sales you have dreamt of. Get in touch to begin discussing how we can do this together