10 Apr, 2019

Content Marketing Trends That You Should Watch Out For!

Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends That You Should Know!

Nearly 64 per cent of small and medium enterprises agree with the fact that their current content strategies have not proven to be effective. However, the other 36 per cent has aced the process. Two out of these five companies have invested heavily in content marketing. They have attributed this strategy to work because of the content quality. Additionally, a customized content marketing strategy and the right kind of investment made in the effective distribution channel made the remaining difference. Investment in content marketing should be an ongoing process by small and medium enterprises as the competition continues to grow.

Most content marketing trends will evolve and continue to make their mark in the year 2020. This gives the companies opportunities to keep up with their success levels. Content marketing is a different ball game for B2B centric business ventures while B2C clients have to adopt a different approach. Even so, there are certain trends which would act as a core for marketing for both these types. These Content Marketing trends are:


⦁ Artificial Intelligence will drive content

AI is all the new rage in the technical world. With UAE actually hiring a minister just for the development of Artificial Intelligence in the world, the global importance of AI is being realized slowly and gradually. Many experts predict that AI would slowly replace human power in all fields-but especially in digital marketing. We have already become slaves of algorithms. One very big example of AI taking over content marketing is Google’s Digital News Initiative. This supports innovation in European digital journalism. In the year 2017, Google put in an investment of over 800,000 USD in this initiative simply to get news stories without any human power involved. This is surely a positive trend which is going to harness the potential of content marketing to quite an extent.

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⦁ Variation in content format

Evolving with times and tapping your target market is one of the most crucial aspects of content marketing. In order to keep up with the various types of demands in the consumer base, variants of content marketing are required. At the moment, every entity is concentrating on the importance of customer engagement. The quality of content consumption is much higher than the quantity or mere statistics. So, to avoid monotony for their targeted consumer base, they have to try out different variants of content marketing. For example, short case formats, videos, infographics are new ways of attracting consumers. Business entities are also experimenting with motion graphics which has proven to be quite an attractive format for content engagement. However, companies still need to keep making more and more investments if they want to keep experimenting with white papers, blogs, and ebooks. This gives them a large array of exposure.

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⦁ Always keep your content interactive

Additionally, the content has been presented to us in a new form with the help of voice-controlled technology. For example, voice-activated software such as Siri and Alexa are rising at quite a phenomenal rate. If you want to make use of this particular technology, adopt strategies wherein voice-enabled devices can consistently offer consumers new channels.

Check out this great  infographic by Shane Baker on  9 Important Content Marketing KPIs

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Wrap up

Basically, content is King and the main support for this is always going to be quality. If you keep the quality of your content high with research as the backbone, you can switch between different forms of content marketing effortlessly. This will always keep your consumers engaged and it would prove to be extensively profitable for your brand too.



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