23 Jan, 2020

5 SEO & PPC Trends to Watch out in 2020

SEO & PPC Trends for 2020
23 Jan, 2020

SEO & PPC Trends in 2020

Search Engine Marketing i.e SEO and PPC are the most important part of an online business. SEO is used to create the number of users while PPC increases the income through websites. Both these technologies are getting advanced and people are using them to increase their business and earn more money. Many SEO & PPC Trends in 2020 will be found and people have to adapt them to be in the competition.
Here are the details of these trends.

Automation and artificial intelligence will be united

PPC Trends

Google and Amazon have created many devices, which are fully dependent on the internet. These devices are made so that people can manage the activities in their home easily. This approach helped the companies to know about the behaviour of the people and accordingly produce the advertisement. Such a thing is called automation. With SEO & PPC Trends in 2020, Google can provide a good advantage to the advertisers and they will be abler top advertise their products in the target market and to the target audience. In the current scenario, artificial intelligence is still under development and it is expected that it will improve in the future.

Organic results in the searches will be minimized

SEO Trend

There are very few chances that people move to the fourth or fifth page of the search engine to get the information they want. Studies have provided the results that users see three pages maximum for the results that they want to get. It has been estimated that Google will start to show a few results regarding a search. If a website wants to be on the list, it has to create high-quality content. If this will not be the case, such websites have to opt for paid advertising.

Video ads will increase

Adwords Trends for 2020

As per the SEO & PPC Trends in 2020, video ads will increase and may override the text and image ads. Videos have become one of the effective and powerful ways to transfer information. They help the brands in showing the products and services and also help them to show the ways in which products are manufactured. It has been estimated that videos bring more trust among the customers as they can also see the demonstration of using the product. Making videos is not easy due to the lack of talents ion the employees. Another thing that restricts the production of videos is its cost. But now more and more bands are concentrating on making videos.

Different advertising platforms will be used

SEM Trends

The main of marketing is to reach more and more customers and this can be done with the help of marketing. There are various platforms, which companies use to provide ads for their products and services. Some of these tools are

  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Facebook Ads

All these social media platforms help companies to contact more and more customers. It can be said that Google and Facebook have become major players in the world of advertising. Besides them, other players have also entered the competition.

Segmentation of audiences

Adword Trend

Segmentation of audience means dividing the users into groups so that a particular group can be targeted for a particular product or service. Since search engines like Google have a large amount of data, it can deliver high search results. Data is also available for the advertising platform. The segmentation can be done on the basis of geography, behaviour, psychographics, etc.

Closing thoughts

These are some of the SEO & PPC Trends in 2020, which people can see in the coming year. Many things will be changed and people can see more videos for advertising. Automation and artificial intelligence will also play a major part.


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