26 Aug, 2019

How SEM will help you?

How SEM will help you?

How SEM will help you?

The internet market has gone complex. With millions of businesses vying for the same spotlight, it’s become even more important to advertise and secure a safe spot. The struggle is real. And with similar acronyms like SEM and SEO, thrown on the web pages, it’s hard for one to understand what works better for them.

SEM is an umbrella term for the businesses to get all the limelight it has been anticipated to achieve. It is an effective way of paid advertising with search engines, empowering businesses to place ads on the forefront for motivated customers to make an instant purchase. Even for the small budget businesses, SEM brings amazing results to achieve targets.

What is SEM? How does it work?

What is SEM? How does it work?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is an online marketing practice where the businesses can use paid advertising to appear on the search engines. The ads of the businesses are placed gracefully to reach potential customers at the right time and place. The businesses get an edge with the opportunity of displaying their ads alongside the web searches made on SERPs.

Also called as paid search ads, PPC (pay-per-click), CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions or paid advertising, SEM takes into account the keywords that popular SERPs like Google and Yahoo consider when looking for the products/services for their pages. From Text-based ads to a complete product listing, the SEM works with a ‘meet the user demand’ concept. The ads appear when a relative search is made. And the customers looking for the products are guided to the businesses that offer the products of their desired search.


How it helps your business to grow?

Search engine marketing helping brands

With SEM, the focus isn’t just on creating traffic on your website but to create organic traffic that is actively looking for the products on the web. The pay-per-click marketing concept helps keep the costs low. The business pays for the traffic that generates a sale for them. Small businesses thriving to find presence online can use SEM as a technique to place their products amongst the popular ones and gain instant attention of the customers. Instead of working too hard on creating the buzz, attracting an audience and influencing them to buy, the product listings helps give a swift window to the businesses to penetrate the online market through serious sell happening.


How SEM will help your brand?


Business fields enjoying the full advantage of it

how SEM will help your brand?

Small businesses with limited design resources and low budget are benefiting the most with Search Engine Marketing. From homegrown organic brands to start-ups, the businesses from beauty, health, cosmetics, home décor, paintings, apparels, etc are making a mark with SEM for their marketing. Penetrating mobile marketing, the PPC search campaigns also are used by businesses that are more focused towards the community or local marketing. Reaching the traffic across a fixed radius, the SEM ads help create a buzz in regional segments to ace the path to national and international exposure. Of course, Local SEO hacks have a role to play too.


The companies who successfully used SEM to their advantage!

Brands using SEM successfully

Some of the most popular brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Mariott, Pepsi, Rado, Marvel, Puma, GoodEarth, Nykaa, etc have successfully used SEM to their advantage for appealing to the market. The emerging brands like The Man Company, Plum Goodness, Tea Trunk, etc to have gained immense exposure with SEM. No sooner a user types the product names; the pictorial ad with product information appears on the screen where the customers can make an instant purchase! These brands with their e-commerce platforms and web stores have enabled a swift purchase system so that the traffic generated on search engines can be instantly converted into sales.

It is really of no use to be a top-ranking website on popular search engines like Google or Yahoo! when you are being able to generate sales to that ratio. All Stars Digital – a brand scaling and digital marketing company, helps build strong Search engine marketing technique as a bridge between traffic and sales with a customer perspective into consideration. Laying emphasis on brand identity, the idea is to bring low-cost marketing strategy that gives maximum user engagement and popularity to drive sales.


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