14 Aug, 2018

All you need to know about ‘Digital Marketing’!

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14 Aug, 2018

All you need to know about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing – The jazzy word that is most common at meetings, brand strategies and running a business today!

Intriguing? – Yes!

They say it’s effective too! But do all people know about it? The answer is sadly a NO!

Simply put, ‘Digital marketing’ is a big term covering the aspects of marketing through digital platforms. The digital platforms being the platforms/devices that are internet based i.e. websites, social profiles, e-mails, internet banners, mobile devices, web pages, etc.

As of today, almost 70% of the brands have successfully launched their businesses online. And the percentage is only predicted to rise in the near future. And Digital Marketing is the key that brings them their customers and audience online!

Back to basics: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing involves marketing for a business digitally. As the world is continuously evolving with internet usage and the rising interest of users have taken them to use online platforms for all sorts of purchases, learning and socializing – brands have taken the route of digital marketing for their business. So it is about replacing the newspaper ads with internet banners, creating advertisements for display on Youtube and connecting to customers through Social Media campaigns.

The benefit of it all is that brands now have economies in advertising while connecting to customers globally!

Digital Marketing offers a vast range of platforms for people to market their content. These are Display Advertising like sidebars, banners, etc, email marketing, blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Websites, affiliate marketing, paid marketing, social media advertising, etc.

Why should people opt for it?

Digital marketing offers an array of reasons to step up and choose it as the perfect brand strategy to grow business globally! Here are some!

·        Grows small businesses – Digital marketing is the only platform that offers the same cost of promotion for a multi-national brand and a small local brand. It helps in reaching to a wider audience within a budget and grows in the market on the basis of the content you put up.

·        Higher conversion rate – As the market is internet oriented today, digital marketing aids creation of traffic to the website and its conversion into customers. The conversion rate is higher on the internet as the reach is widespread too.

·        Reaches mobile users – The shift to using smartphones has led to a large digital presence of people leading to more scope for digital marketing.

·        Appeals to customers globally – Anything on the internet connects the audience globally. As a result, there is a wider scope of business and global business opportunities.

·        Easier to analyze – Digital marketing as a medium offers quick analyzing tools to check the impact of marketing strategies. It helps in understanding what works for the brand and target the audience smartly!

Why is a digital presence important for brand these days?

Brands have their uniqueness that appeals to the customers. Their routine engagement with the audience, contests, behind the scenes and campaigns brings them closer to their customers. When the customers are able to connect the brand more like an identity there is an acceleration in brand trust and recognition.

This gives the brand an upper hand as compared to its competitors! After all, it is all about what makes customers feel connected to!

Digital marketing is a crucial gateway to a brand’s success today. And All Stars Digital is a specialized digital marketing and brand-scaling agency based in Mumbai, India. Providing e-marketing services to brands, e-commerce businesses, and local businesses, All Stars Digital works towards innovative content, better engagement and desired results for a brand’s success! In a platform where everything seems exciting, All Stars Digital gives practical solutions to brand-establishment, development, and awareness!




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  • Institute of Digital Marketing October 11, 2019

    Thanks for sharing a very informative knowledge about digital marketing. Digital marketing is a really good way to spread anything and to get more people to click and share your article.
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